Thursday, January 3, 2013

Create A Niche For Your Artworks At The Online Art Gallery

Many art galleries have mushroomed in the recent years that display artworks created by budding artists using commonplace items that are generally discarded. Many of these pollute the environment and numerous gallery artists have decided to take it in their stride to create awareness of the harm these products cause in the environment as pollutants. Most of these websites have a mixed collection of entries some of which advertise a great deal and add to the clutter.

NDI Gallery is an online art gallery that has a selection of some of the best artistes. This gallery focuses on displaying interesting artworks that use upcycling ideas and recycled objects. There are many ways to use material that is disposable and carelessly discarded. Most of these materials cause pollutants in the air if they are not properly destroyed. More and more people are now using their imagination and using these waste items and putting them to good use. They could be discarded medicinal pills that are outdated or a collection of old license and wood plates.

Plant and animal life has also been endangered due to pollution. To create public awareness one of the artists made the effort of using all the discarded sandals that were on the beach to make a huge shark and this has been set up for public viewing. Choosing the shark was a significant medium to tell the world that this was one of the mammals that were facing the danger of becoming extinct due to pollutants in the oceans.

NDI online art gallery has an interesting display of metal that was the remains of an ancient Russian car. The artist has transformed this into a robot and named it the Transfsormer. The studio feels that it is a symbol between man and machine. The message is loud and clear and the robot looks impressive.

Anyone with a passion for recycled art can register at their online website and become a member. They select only the best artworks after looking at many pictures sent in by artistes. Understandably they are interested in ensuring that it is the best artist website and they wish to give them the credit they deserve. NDI Gallery was originally an acronym for New Design Inspiration Gallery. They prefer to use the initials and as a non-profit organization try to keep the costs low by not filling up their website with advertising clutter.

Check out their site if you wish to enroll in this best artist website. The instructions are user-friendly and you can subscribe to their newsletter to be aware of the latest updates, news and announcements about the gallery. Learn more about their exhibitions and marketplace. They give you suggestions for using various reclaimed materials that can be upcycled to create artworks. You can decide to send in Sculptures, Installation art or Assemblage. Take a peek at the community workplace and submit your works to be one of the best artists on their online gallery.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nurses to Australia | RN Jobs | Overseas Nurses

ABP- Australian Bridging and Placement- program is a feather in the cap of Shiv Sans Limited, which is specialized in the overseas recruitments of healthcare staff such as nurses. We intend ABP to train overseas nurses coming from non-English speaking countries such as India, Pakistan, Philippines, etc. so that they can easily get through the strict registration process. The overseas nurses, in order to work in Australia, need to compulsorily register with the nursing board of Australia. This may be easy for the nurses coming from the English speaking countries such as Canada, Ireland, the UK, etc., but for those who hail from the other non-English speaking countries, this is really tough. As these people come from different cultures, they need to understand and adjust to the Australian lifestyle, work ethics and procedures. For that, the Australian Nursing Midwifery Council (ANMC) suggests that all the overseas nurses undergo a program called Bridging Program. Unless an applicant successfully completes this program, she cannot work in Australia as a Registered Nurse.

Keeping in mind the requirements of the Bridging Program as set by the ANMC, we at Shiv San Ltd. currently running as Care Globe have developed an exclusive program known as Australian Bridging and Placement (ABP). ABP is unique in that it has incorporated all the aspects required to clear the registration process and makes it easy for the aspirants who otherwise have to toil a lot to complete. Our ABP program works at two levels. Firstly, it straightaway provides the Bridging Program to the candidate who has got through both the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and OET (Occupational English Test) exams. Secondly, if the candidate is yet to write these tests, we give them end-to-end online training for IELTS and arrange OET training in a reputed university in Australia before making her sit through the Bridging Program. For IELTS, a band score of at least 7.0 in the Academic Version of the test is a must while it is grade B' for OET test. As far as OET exam is concerned, a candidate has to go to Australia, take training over there and write it because it is conducted only in Australia. For that, she will get a six-month visa to stay in Australia. In the meantime, we arrange a part-time job for the candidate so that he can pay off his expenses for accommodation. That is a salient feature of our ABP program.

After the applicant passes the two tests with required grades, we, as part of ABP program, arrange him the Bridging Program in one of the reputed universities or collages. That lasts three to six months. And after the applicant successfully completes this program, he can get registration license to work in Australia. Once she gets the registration license, we provide her free placement in one of the best nursing homes or hospitals with a two-year work permit. Provided the candidate wants to apply for permanent residency (PR) in Australia after the completion of one-year service, we will assist her in that as well. We will help her even get her spouse and children, if any by clearing the visa process for them.

Thus, we help the candidates with a dream of pursuing a thriving nursing career in Australia, the country that has every reason to be reckoned with. Your vision is our mission.