Sunday, September 9, 2012

How To Fight Cravings While On A Diet

One of the huge problems with a diet is that you will have cravings. If you like salty foods, sweet foods, greasy foods, chocolate, or other things, you will really want to eat these especially, when you are eating less and may be a little hungry. What happens to many is that they will reach a breaking point and give into the cravings, generally pigging out and wrecking the diet for the day. This, at times can compromise more than a few days' efforts, so it should be avoided. Here are some strategies to beat these cravings.
One thing that you should do is keep some healthy food with you at all times. Many times, you might be driving in your car or passing a place that you enjoy eating at and will start to crave that food. If you have something to eat, it can be a substitute. If not, you will more than likely go in and order the food you love and eat it.
Something that you need to do from time to time, is indulge in a small portion of your cravings. If you love chocolate for example, have a few calories worth at the end of a meal. It will not be enough to mess up the diet, but at the same time, you still feel that you are getting something.
Do not keep that kind of food in your house if you can. If it is not there to snack on, you won't be able to eat it. Have the foods in your home that you want to be eating since that will be what you turn to when having hunger or cravings.
Find some distractions from food and cravings that are not food related. Turning to healthy food is one thing, but your mind is going to get to a point of being too focused on eating and food. Find a hobby or something that you can turn to which will take your mind off all of this.

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