Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Ease of Decorating With a Plug In Chandelier

Lighting is one of the most important decorating concepts in a home, office or room of any type. Unfortunately many people feel that they need to choose very bland types of lighting fixtures because they are afraid that choosing something trendy means they are stuck with it even if it becomes dated. While this is certainly true with installed types of lightening, a plug in chandelier allows you to say right in fashion without the long term commitment of an installation.

The biggest advantage to a plug in chandelier over a lighting fixture that is permanently installed is that you can change the complete fixture, not just the shade or shades, to create a completely coordinated look. Since the chandeliers aren't permanently installed changing them out is as simple as unplugging the cord and taking the chain or mounting rope and cord down, that's it. They typically are just a fraction of the price of the installed light fixtures and are so easy to clean and maintain because they can be taken down as often as necessary. Imagine how easy dusting and spring cleaning would be if you could actually get to the fixture without having to balance precariously on a ladder or stand up on a table or a chair to clean.

The other major advantage to a plug in chandelier is that it doesn't require any particular mounting stand or device. They can replace pole lamps or accent lamps on end tables that take up space and limit your decorating options. Having the light up and out of the way is a definite plus, and the coordinated colors of cords and chains make hanging these lamps a breeze regardless of the colors in your dcor.

Many designs found in the most popular models of plug in chandeliers are swag style. This means that the chain and cord, typically interwoven forms a half circle or swag from the wall over to the mounting bracket on the roof, then down to the lamp. This style was definitely made popular in the 70's with very elaborate patterns of cut glass and lucite that formed patterns both on the shade as well as on the walls and floors. The swag lamps of today are much different, very stylish and with a wide range of elegant designs. Since there is such a variety is easy to match these lighting fixtures in any room of the house or even in an office.

Not all plug in chandeliers are simple one bulb, fancy shade types of styles. Some are very typical of larger, installed chandeliers and feature multiple lights, mini shades and even very authentic antique looks. Cone lights, which are very popular for kitchen and bathroom fixtures are a perfect way to add a spot of light in a corner, over a table or in a breakfast nook. In addition you won't have to run an electric service to through the ceiling, you can just plug into an existing wall plug.

There really isn't a room in the home that won't be enhanced with a plug in chandelier. By carefully selecting a style that matches the theme of the room you will find the perfect lighting combination. These styles are also great for children's rooms and games rooms since there is no worry about lamps or lights getting knocked over. The variety of designs available in these very handy and beautiful chandeliers and lights will be sure to give you just the fixture you are looking for in a portable, easy to install package.

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