Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Mortgage Agent Course Do You Take to Become a Licensed Mortgage Agent in Ontario?

An individual interested in becoming a Mortgage Agent in Ontario must complete a Mortgage Agent Course that meets the Mortgage Agent Qualifying Standards as defined by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). FSCO is the regulator of the Ontario mortgage industry and is responsible for regulating brokers, agents, brokerages, and administrators.

There are a number of Mortgage Agent Courses offered in Ontario that are approved by FSCO. The Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP) offers the Ontario Mortgage Agent Course in online and in-class format. There are also a number of other courses offered through various community colleges.

The various Mortgage Agent Courses available are required to follow the same curriculum, feature a course of study, and be followed by an examination. The format, however, may vary depending on whether it is offered online, in-class, or a combination of both. Course providers set their own tuition fees.

Topics covered in CAAMP's Ontario Mortgage Agent Course include:
Introduction to the Canadian Mortgage Industry
Overview of the Industry; Regulatory Framework
Legal Overview; Mortgage Mathematics
Understanding the Mortgage Process
Completing the Mortgage Application
Qualifying the Borrower
Mortgage Products
Related Products and Submitting the Application
Valuing Property and the Decision to Lend
The Closing Process
Protecting Consumers and Increasing Industry Professionalism.

There are no admission requirements for enrolling in a Mortgage Agent Course. However, students will find it useful to have a general understanding of mathematics and will benefit from a background in financial services. Those who do not will likely require additional study time.


Individuals interested in becoming Mortgage Brokers in Ontario must meet a number of qualifications as defined by FSCO. All individuals interested in obtaining a Mortgage Broker license in Ontario must have successfully completed an approved Mortgage Agent Course; must have been working as a licensed Mortgage Agent for a minimum of two years within the three years prior to application; and must have successfully completed an approved Mortgage Broker Course within the three years prior to applying for a Mortgage Broker license.

In Ontario, the is offered in English by Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology and in French by La Cit collgiale. The Mortgage Broker Course consists of 42 hours of online study which takes approximately 14 weeks to complete, followed by five consecutive days of in-class seminars. Participants are required to attend all of the in-class seminars to be eligible to write the mandatory final qualifying examination.


All currently-licensed Mortgage Agents and Mortgage Brokers (including Principal Brokers and Brokers employed by finance companies) who will be renewing their licenses in 2012 will first have to complete a five-hour FSCO-approved Re-licensing Course.

for Ontario Mortgage Agents and Mortgage Brokers will be available in November 2011 and will be offered by select education providers. An outline of the Mortgage Agent and Mortgage Broker Re-licensing Education Course, entitled MB Re-licensing Education 2012, is available on the FSCO website.

The objective of mandatory Re-licensing Education is to ensure that Mortgage Agents and Mortgage Brokers fully understand the requirements and regulations of the Mortgage Brokerages, Lenders, and Administrators Act (MBLAA).

Requirements for Mandatory Re-licensing Education following 2012 are yet to be determined.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cheap Vans and Finance Deals

You may be looking for a van for your business, but may not have the finance to buy it outright. It can be costly, and particularly difficult if you are just starting up your own business. Luckily though, there are lots of cheap vans you can lease on finance deals, so you will not need to be out of pocket. Some of the best deals on cheap vans are detailed below:

1 Fiat Fiorino Cargo These cheap vans are ideal vehicles for any business, or for personal use. They are relatively compact, and offer many exciting features, including a side loading door for ease of removal and loading of goods, remote central locking, electric windows and mirrors and a protective ladder bulkhead. You can lease these cheap vans for as little as 139 per calendar month.

1 Nissan NV200 Voted 'Van of the Year 2010' by What Van?, these vehicles will easily cater for all your business needs. With many features on offer, including twin side loading doors and low level loading floor, to enable you to remove and load your goods with minimal effort, ABS and CD/MP3 player. The driver's air bag will provide you with additional protection and peace of mind, and the folding passenger seat will give you some
more room in the vehicle. These cheap vans can be leased on a financial plan of 149 per month.

1 Ford Transit SWB These are popular cheap vans, which are perfect for handling all your business needs. The standard features of these vans includes electric windows,remote central locking, immobiliser and side locking door. The Ford Transit on a financial plan, will cost you around 179 per month.

1 Vauxhall Astravan Sportive A sleek and stylish model, this vehicle offers many exciting benefits to drivers. Not only are they cheap vans, they are compact and sporty, so you will be able to impress your clients, if you use them for business purposes. Some of the features of these vans, include dark-tinted rear window, for added privacy in your vehicle. You can also enjoy the benefits of electric windows, door handles and side mouldings, and air conditioning. A finance plan will allow you to lease these cheap vans for
as little as 189 per month.

1 Peugeot Boxer Range Large size cheap vans which will enable you to transport a high number of goods, whether for business or personal use. Standard features which come as part of the deal with these cheap vans include, steering wheel mounted controls for ease of use when listening to your favourite CD's or radio stations. Other benefits include a side loading door and electric heating door windows. These vehicles can be leased for 199 per month.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Choosing Bankruptcy Or Debt Settlement As A Route To Fast Debt Clearance

The weight of debt can grow so great that there is no option but to be rid of it. Perhaps repayments have become simply too much to handle, but the reality of the situation dictates there is no chance of repaying what is owed. But what is the best course of action - bankruptcy or debt settlement?

Lifting the pressure created by large debt is welcome, but there is no doubt that honest borrowers would rather repay their debts in full. There can be a certain fear that the consequences of bankruptcy will be more damaging that the immediate benefits, but it may also seem that the impact of debt settlement is more immediately damaging. So which is the best one to choose?

The Bankruptcy Option

Most people are well aware of bankruptcy as a way to escape an impossible debt. When choosing whether bankruptcy or debt settlement is the best course of action, there seems to be no contest on the basis that bankruptcy involves debts been written off completely. However, times have changed.

When the economic crisis hit a few years ago, tens of thousands of people filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code. This was because the consequences of bankruptcy was considered better than continuing under the pressure of repaying the debts in full. But for US lawmakers, people seemed to be taking advantage of the system.

Now Chapter 13 exists, which provides for a means test to decide on the ability of an applicant to repay debts. If the applicant is found to be financially incapable, then full bankruptcy is granted, but if there is some capacity, then a small percentage of the debt will have to be repaid. It may seem like debt settlement, but the consequence is the same as bankruptcy, and the impact of debt settlement less severe.

The Debt Settlement Option

Whether filing for bankruptcy or debt settlement, the outcome is the same: the troublesome debt is gone for good. However, not everyone can qualify for bankruptcy. In this case debt settlement is the best option, but there are clear measures that need to be taken to ensure it proves an effective option.

Debt settlement involves negotiating an agreement with a creditor to pay a percentage of an existing debt, with the balance written off. It could be 25 cents in the dollar is paid, or perhaps 65 cents, but whatever the figure, the agreed sum must be cleared. Whereas the consequences of bankruptcy can see financing ruled out for perhaps 2 years, settlement is less punishing.

Chiefly, the impact of debt settlement is simply to have a share of the debt paid, and this is seen as constructive rather than a complete abandonment of the debt. So, lenders are more open to granting loans in the future (though these are still under very strict terms)

Choosing Between The Two

Bankruptcy or debt settlement, which is the best option? Well, this comes down to your own particular situation. For a start, not everyone who files for bankruptcy will get it, so it is a case of knowing your available options rather than your preference.

To assess your eligibility for bankruptcy, calculate your average monthly income over the last 6 months. If it is less than the average income in your state, then there is a good chance of filling successfully. Remember too that bankruptcy costs are between ,500 and ,000, but the consequences of bankruptcy can make the investment worthwhile, of course.

The impact of debt settlement is far greater on your pocket. It involves weighing up total monthly expenditure against income to find out your excess income. Then calculating what repayments are affordable and presenting that as a percentage of the required repayment. The sum and terms must be confirmed in writing and signed to ensure no future legal issues.

How to Get A Bank of American Mortgage Loan Modification

Bank of America mortgage loan modification is one of the harder loan modification programs to find information on. Their requirements are tightly sealed to anyone not legitimately requesting a loan modification. But despite that, there are things you (or any homeowner under any lender) should do in order to make your loan modification application debate-proof.

Do call their loan modification or loss mitigation departments and ask what their requirements for loan modification are. There is no information on Bank of American mortgage loan modification requirements on-line, so making that phone call is a crucial step. If you're too far out of the requirements, applying would most likely end up as a bunch of wasted time and a headache.

You need to write a hardship letter to send in along with your application, but before that work out a new budget to supplement the lower payments you are requesting. Working out the new budget will give you a good perspective on things later on if your mortgage loan application is approved.

It's also good to do the budget as one of the first steps because you can use it to boost up the effectiveness of your hardship letter. The hardship letter portion of the application is your chance to explain your situation and to formally request the modification.

You need to be as clear as possible while still going details over your financial hardship and stating the rate you feel would be ideal. Also in the letter include your willingness to work with the lender and mention your plans or prospects coming in the future that will positively affect your ability to pay your mortgage.

Be sure not to lie on a single thing in either your application itself or the hardship letter. Like with any lender, Bank of America has a zero tolerance policy on false information. Be sure to double even triple check your application papers and letter to make sure there is no information that could be seen as false or misleading. You don't want to go through all that trouble only to have your mortgage loan modification application denied for an unexplained reason.

The last thing is: Try to submit all of your papers in at the same time. Giving all of your application forms and the letter to Bank of America all at once will speed up the approval process meaning you will get the modification sooner as long as you are qualified. Bank of American mortgage loan modification isn't difficult to receive, though you do need to put some real effort into it.

Friday, May 25, 2012

How To Locate A Superb Sales Job During The Recession

Obtaining a great sales job opportunity with the massive "cause and effect" practice going on today is getting very difficult.

Prospective buyers are not ordering because they are concerned about losing their employment, losing their home, having their pension fund lessened by a stock market crash and consequently, people who are concerned about a possible coming disaster keep their cash.

Companies are focusing hard on the net income to make sure that they're still vital when the recession ends. One of the things that's being watched carefully is the cost of sales.

The times of huge expense accounts and credit card debt wining and dining potential customers are more or less finished. Flying from coast to coast and running up hotel and car rental bills will be replaced by telephone conferencing and online video conferencing.

A different casualty associated with the recession has been the size of the sales force. Organizations are implementing something like the fast food sector has always used as a yardstick; labor cost as a percentage of gross sales. As product sales drop, individuals are told to go home to keep the profit margin up. Quite a few sales organizations are laying sales people off for the same reason. Assuming you have a considerable decline in sales, you'll need less sales staff.

If you're a downsized sales person, you are experiencing something not seen in a long time; applying for outside sales positions and not getting chosen. The old times of growing sales by expanding the sales staff are gone, and might never return.

One strategy that can be successful in making some very decent cash is to downsize your thinking. Several years ago, only the unskilled and inept salesmen took commission-only sales rep jobs. If you were a sales producer, you would expect a salary plus commission package, overall performance bonuses, a company bank card and maybe even a company automobile. Those jobs still exist, however they are only for top producers.

There's two things you should really look for in a commission-only sales situation before you decide to cross it off your list:

1.) Is it a fair commission? A 10% commission is far too little. a 20% to 25% commission is much more reasonable.

2.) Is it a one-time commission, or a recurring commission plan? If a one time commission and the commission percentage is not over 35%, you may well be in a position requiring you to generate high volume sales just to survive. Regretably, it's no longer you that determines whether to make high volume sales or not. It's really a buyers market all over this country, and there's not a lot of prospective buyers in many, many markets.

However, if it's a 20% to 25% commission with a continuing income component, have a closer look prior to rejecting it. There are two key reasons to think about this type of commission plan:

1.) By the end of the year, you will get a great deal more cash with the same sales volume.

2.) When you have a bad month, it is not the end of the world. Your residual commission still gets paid out.

Remember, the commission-only sales jobs market is not a survival strategy for jobless sales agents. The business is still trying to sell and still depends on experienced sales staff to get the job done.

If you have always aspired to be a sales person, but have no experience, or you are not a really productive salesman, do yourself as well as the company a favor. Do not apply for the sales rep job. This is a strategy for the skilled sales person only.

It can be a very challenging and depressing process for an unemployed sales professional to find a position doing the work they love. Sorry to say, many overlook possibilities because they reject commission-only sales jobs out of hand, without digging into the whole comp plan.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Same Day Cash Loans - A loan Availed within Twenty Hours

When you require money urgently and the loan you had applied for is taking forever to be approved, then you need to change it to the same day cash loan. Same day loans are for those individuals who require money urgently ,and, is to be used the same day to settle whatever financial problem they find themselves in. Salaried people in the United Kingdom are especially suited to these loan products. The loans works a bridge between your immediate financial needs and the upcoming pay day.

The unique thing about the loan product is the speed in which the loan is approved. You apply for the loan, and within the same day the lender has verified, approved and transferred the loan amount into your account the same day, that is in a duration of 24 hours, you have your money. The loans are applied online by filling in the lenders loan application form and if you meet the lender's minimum requirements the loan is definitely availed to you within the same day or in less than twenty hours.

Before the loan is availed to the borrower, they must fulfill the below requirements and conditions. All lenders in the United Kingdom have laid down the said requirements and conditions. These are;

1. The applicant age must be 18 years or above.
2. The borrower must have a regular residential address in which they have resided for the past 3 months or 90 days for that matter.
3. The loan applicant must have a regular source of income and a valid checking account which is not less than six months old.

Once you have fulfilled the above terms, the loan is directly wire transferred to your account within the same day. The borrower can use the loan amount for any purpose they see fit, for instance, payment of bills, settling medical expenses etc- it is not limited to anything in particular. The amount availed by the lender usually ranges from 100 to something like 1500 and when the next paycheck come, the loan money is automatically deducted from your account. The repayment period is 14-31 days after loan approval. Borrowers who have poor credit records are also eligible as their monthly salary acts as the guarantee for the loan repayment. How ever the rate of interest charged for this group of people is slightly higher than for ordinary borrower. The reason for this is the risk involved in advancing them with some extra loan burden.

The rate of interest charged on the same day cash loan is normally higher than for the ordinarily loans. The factor contributing to this is there unsecured nature. The lender pegs your salary as the collateral which is risky incase the borrower defaults or is sacked in their regular job. But one can still get a better loan deal if they did some thorough online research before settling on one lender. The competition for customer is very stiff and you are sure to get a better deal if you did your home work well.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Six Critical Things You Need To Do When Filing For Bankruptcy

6 Important Steps to Follow When Filing for Bankruptcy

When filing for bankruptcy you should undergo credit counseling, fill out the necessary forms, determine what bankruptcy chapter you need to file, submit a complete list of your creditors, pay your fees, and send the requirements to the bankruptcy court in your region.

If you find yourself so completely swarmed with overdue bills to that you do not have the capacity to pay, filing for bankruptcy might be your best option. As per the law, a person or a company is said to be facing bankruptcy if they are unable to pay their debts. Here are some procedures that you must follow before going ahead with cheap bankruptcy filing florida.

Step 1: Undergo credit counseling

Due to the regulations of the Bankruptcy Court in the US, we now have credit counseling classes. To determine if bankruptcy filing is indeed the best option out there, people who file for bankruptcy are required to take two of these classes. Your town bankruptcy courts typically have a list of credit counseling classes that are acceptable for you to refer to. You then have the option of going through your credit counseling class online or on the phone.

Second Step: Complete the required forms

You can obtain a copy of the bankruptcy forms that you need to sign by downloading these at the US Bankruptcy Court website. Giving personal information about your financial standing, debts, assets and income are typically required in these documents. Make sure you complete the required fields thoroughly and with accurate, up-to-date information. This website also has a wealth of completed sample documents to use as a guide. The completed documents should be submitted at the court of bankruptcy.

Third Step: Decide upon the appropriate bankruptcy chapter for your situation

Certain bankruptcy chapters entail responsibilities of a different nature. For instance, in chapter 7 bankruptcies, you're completely liquidating your assets. In a chapter 13 situation, you're setting up a schedule by which you can repay your creditors over a period of time - usually within three to five years or so. You must make sure you have figured out which of the chapters is relevant to your financial situation.

Fourth: Supply a list of all creditors

You need to submit a list of creditors and information about them in court, as it is one of the important documents to be submitted. Be certain that your list is filled out in full with accurate information of your debts to each creditor. If the information you supply is not complete they may require another fee to enter the additions.

Step 5: Pay your fees

If you want to know how much all of your fees are going to add up to, contact your local bankruptcy court. You will most likely need a money order to pay fees in a bankruptcy court. Be certain you have copies of the money orders you send out to serve as evidence of your payment if it is needed.

Step 6: Submit whatever your area's bankruptcy court needs in order to process your filing

Find the closest bankruptcy court and submit your money orders, forms and counseling certificates. Once you've taken care of all the requirements, you will get a letter in the mail as proof you've filed bankruptcy.

When it is not possible to meet your financial obligations, you could declare yourself as 'bankrupt' and thus get a fresh start along with a new direction to move ahead.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Functions Of Foreign Exchange Market

The basic and primary function of exchange market is for the transfer of purchasing power between countries. The transfer is by TT, MT, draft, bills, credit cards, etc. The foreign exchange is the most important and most effective purchasing power between the two parties held in different countries.

There are another function of exchange market in the country. The main function and main foreign exchange market is the money from one country to another country money. The second objective of exchange for the security risk. What are the results of exchange rate changes constantly. If every tourist goes to another country for any purpose, it should be his motto in the currency of the country where it needs money to change the various function of exchange market. The exchange rate is the phenomenon that a country's currency in the currency of another country is carried out. Thus, the effect is the country in many respects.

A foreign exchange market is a place which is foreign exchange transactions take place. In other words, there is a market where foreign funds are bought and sold.

Exporters claim the points for importers on their bankers. Currency hedging market assumes the role as regards the risks of foreign exchange. There are frequent fluctuations in exchange rates. To reduce the risk that the market for foreign currency hedging or actual damages caused by futures contracts in exchange for these fluctuations. Agencies of foreign currency to pay foreign currency at a fixed interest rate. Exchange offices bear the risks of fluctuations in exchange rates.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Make a Guaranteed 15% On Your Money

The point is that paying off credit card debt is the best investment that you can make. It is a GUARANTEED return, and you don't have to take taxes out of it as you are just paying back a debt. The above example showed a 15% profit in the stock market/mutual fund. What would have happened if the investment only went up 5% instead of 15% or what if it went down 15%? You would be in an even a bigger hole. In the example above you would have needed a 20% return in order to pay off the credit card in full after commissions and taxes. That is double the average return for the stock market. Historically, that is asking a LOT when you could just have paid it off from the beginning and not have to deal with the stress of the debt.

I always suggest paying off personal debt (which includes credit cards, automobile loans, furniture loans, personal loans, and student loans) prior to investing money in the stock market/mutual fund.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Borrowing Levels 'Are High'

Britons are borrowing an increasing amount of money, new research shows.

In the latest Savings Brake study carried out by Unbiased, lending through the likes of credit cards, loans and overdrafts accounted for some 11.7 billion pounds between July and September, a figure about double of that recorded during the preceding quarter. Meanwhile, findings from the firm also indicated that savings decreased by more than 11 billion pounds over the course of the third quarter of 2007. Overall, for every pound the typical Briton saved during the third quarter of the year, some 35 pence was borrowed. According to the company this represents a "significant increase" from the 13 pence per pound borrowed during the previous three-month period.

According to the company, the recent climate of high interest rates has seen many Britons dip into their savings accounts or take out a loan in an attempt to help cope with various financial constraints over the summer, including holidays. In addition, the credit crunch and its subsequent impact on the availability of cheap UK loans was also reported to have had an impact on consumers' capacity to handle their money.

Commenting on the figures, David Elms, chief executive of Unbiased, said: "We have seen a lot of activity in the financial markets in the third quarter of 2007, which marked the beginning of the Northern Rock crisis. Interest rates over the summer were still at a high level of 5.75 per cent and many people will have felt the impact of the credit crunch starting to bite their disposable income.

"While the high level of borrowing and a drop in savings for this quarter may come as no surprise, it is a worrying development. And with the cost of Christmas about to hit the nation's pockets over the next couple of months it is unlikely that we will see a significant improvement in the Savings Brake ratio."

As a result, Mr Elms advised it is crucial that consumers take the time to take steps to take control of their financial situation. And that their level of savings and borrowing, whether this is through loans, plastic cards or other means, remains at "a healthy level".

For those concerned about either their ability to save adequately for later life or about the level of money owed in personal loans, overdrafts, store cards and other forms of borrowing, taking out a loan for debt consolidation purposes may prove to be useful. And applying for such a loan may be useful for a rising number of people. A recent study carried out by Alliance & Leicester showed that following the series of interest rate increases since August 2006, households are feeling "less comfortable" in managing various areas of their finances, as the subsequent rise in mortgage costs impinges upon their ability to pay back loans and other monetary demands.

The study also indicated consumers put just 2.1 per cent of their salary into a savings scheme during the first quarter of this year, a record low. Although this proportion increased to 3.1 per cent between April and June, the financial services firm stated that is still below the decade-average of six per cent. As a result, applying for a cheap consolidation loan could help consumers drastically reduce their borrowing and free up more money to invest into savings accounts.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Could the US Mortgage Crisis Have Been Prevented?

The blows of debt have made us witness the hardest financial times which at the same time introduced us with several debt relief firms and debt consolidation programs. Nevertheless, it made us a victim of certain financially declining processes like foreclosures, bankruptcy and mortgage crisis of course. We have perhaps known all ifs and buts, pros and cons of the recent mortgage crisis but somewhere the information is yet to be gathered completely. The year when it all started in was 2007 when the economy watchers failed to realize the sheer magnitude of the subprime mortgage and the perfect storm of bad events that could soon follow. . First, banks were not as worried about the credit-worthiness of borrowers because they could sell the mortgages on the secondary market. Second, unregulated mortgage brokers made loans to people who weren't qualified. Third, many homeowners took out interest-only loans to get lower monthly payments. As home prices declined and mortgage rates reset at a higher level, these homeowners could neither pay the mortgage nor sell their homes for a profit, and so they defaulted. Fourthly and most importantly, mortgages were repackaged as mortgage backed securities by banks which were further re-packaged by bank technicians into high risk and low risk product bundles. Now, the computer programs were so complicated that no one really understood what exactly was in each product bundle or how much of the bundle had subprime mortgages. When times were good, it didn't matter, and everyone bought the high risk bundles because they gave a higher return. As the housing market declined, however, everyone knew that these products were losing value but, since no one other than the computer programs understood them, the resale value of the products was unclear. By March 2007, it appeared that these hedge fund housing losses could threaten the economy. Throughout the summer, banks became unwilling to lend to each other, afraid that they would receive bad MBS in return. No one knew how much bad debt they had on their books, and no one wanted to admit it. If they did, then their credit rating would be lowered, their stock price would fall, and they would be unable to raise more funds to stay in business. The stock market see-sawed throughout the summer, as market-watchers tried to figure out how bad things were. As a result, the housing market dropped due to this liquidity problem and panic gripped the financial market. However few things could have prevented this mortgage crisis from happening. The first would be regulation of mortgage brokers, who made the bad loans, and hedge funds, which used too much leverage. Secondly, an early recognition of this credibility problem by the federal government could have prevented the situation if the same would have bought the bad loans. To some extent the financial crisis was also caused by the financial innovation that outstripped human intellect. The potential impact of new products, like MBS and derivatives, were not understood even by the technicians who created them. Apart from that even some good regulations could have softened the downturn but the greed for new products could not be avoided.

Corporate Asset Finance . Feeling Overwhelmed . How A Lease Company Addresses Your Issues

Corporate Asset Finance has the ability to be very complex today - the positive news being there are a number of options for the Canadian business owner / financial manager to choose from. That might be a lease company, a bridge loan provider, or even a Canadian chartered bank.

The owner/manager can then be forgiven for not truly grasping the benefits, and risks, of asset finance. Worse, more often than not available advantages and benefits are under utilized.One way to take control of the asset finance concept is to utilize the services of a financing expert. Truth be told it is a rare breed of business owner or manager that has the background in credit, law, finance, tax , and accounting that are all part of the asset finance equation.One way in which the asset finance question is often overlooked is simply the inability of the owner and manager to look at asset financing from a 'cradle to grave 'point of view .

So what are those starting to end points when it comes to corporate asset finance via your lease company or other alternative financial institution? First of all the borrower has to have a strong sense of the general marketplace that is probably one of the greatest areas of misinformation or confusion. We talk to countless clients who simply don't understand the lay of the land when it comes to asset financing namely who are the players in the asset arena they are playing in? We can't count the number or times we've seen a client who has previously spent a lot of time dealing with the wrong players and the wrong offerings.

To put it simply, they don't understand the lay of the land!After getting a strong handle on the overall market your firm has to have some sort of evaluation criteria. Those criteria involve rate, term, structure, useful economic life, etc. Documentation, tax and accounting issues, as boring or mundane as they might sometimes seem are critical to 'best practices 'in asset finance.

In entering a lease or asset finance transaction your company needs to know how this particular finance transaction can make or lose your company money. That might come from understanding applicable rate structures, or perhaps knowing your firm might have the bargaining power to issue a tender to solicit asset finance bids.

The big boys and government does it - can you? Sometimes you can .Not always, but sometimes!Key issues in accounting and finance play a key role in asset finance. They might include depreciation policies, or simply your choice to enter into an operating off balance sheet type transaction. Part of the business of asset finance is of course knowing the long term economic value of the assets you're financing.

Your overall financing strategy brightens significantly when you're keenly aware of asset resale values and obsolescence issues.Want to get a solid handle on the pros and cons of corporate asset finance in Canada, dealing with a lease company or commercial finance firm.

If you don't know it all (who does? ) seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business asset financing advisor who can assist you in getting un-overwhelmed!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ahl Al-Dhimma

"According to Islamic law, the non-Muslims inhabited in the Islamic state were called ahlu dh-dhimmati (people of protection) or simply al-dhimma or dhimmis. They included the Christian, Jewish, Magian, Samaritan and Sabian. Ahl al-dhimma were prohibited in the Muslim state from holding public religious ceremonies, from raising their voices loudly when praying and even from ringing their church bells aloud. All schools agree that it is not allowed to build new churches, synagogues, convent, hermitage or cell in towns or cities of Dar al-Islam (Muslim lands). When these injunctions were disobeyed, the Muslim leaders were authorized to treat the offenders as dwellers in Dar al-Harb (non-Muslim lands) and not as ahl al-dhimma in Dar al-Islam (Muslim lands), vide Subh al-A'asha fi Sina'at at al-Insha (Cairo, 1922, 13: 356) by Qalaqashandi (d. 821/1418).

When the Fatimids arrived in Egypt, the need for a stable financial administration provided an opportunity to the talented minorities of ahl al-dhimma (Christians and Jews) to find employment in state offices. They were massively employed from low to high posts in the state. In return, the policy of the Fatimid Caliphs towards them was of great toleration. The Fatimids granted land to churches. The Fatimid authorities also financially supported the Jewish religious institutions, such as the Jerusalem Yeshiva. As time passed their influences grew so rapidly through out the state that they became almost a threat to the Fatimids. Most of the high officials of finance departments, the deputies and staffs were remarkably non-Muslims, who also became a source of tension for the Muslims. When Imam al-Aziz dismissed and arrested his vizir Yaqub bin Killis in 373/983, the functioning of the administration became almost frozen, impelling Imam al-Aziz to release and restore Yaqub bin Killis to his former office. Imam al-Aziz is also reported to have reappointed few other dismissed officials, confirming the foothold of the non-Muslims in the Fatimid dominion.

Wustenfeld writes in Geschichte der Fatimiden Chalifen (Gottingen, 1881, 2:64) about Isa bin Nestorius, a Christian vizir of the Fatimids that, "He was hard-hearted and an usurer who grasped for himself every lucrative business, and augmented very much the taxes. He favoured his co-religionists and placed them in the important offices of state, while removing the former Muslims secretaries and tax collectors. As his chief deputy in Syria he chose a Jew, Menasse bin Ibrahim, who showed there the same regard for the Jews as Isa did for the Christians in Egypt, by reducing their taxes and appointing them as officials. Thus the followers of these two religions ruled the state. This caused great indignation amongst the Muslims."

The ahl al-dhimma, mainly the Christians, were thickly populated in Egypt. They were rich, powerful, influential and dominated in the political and social orbits. Ibn Athir (9:48) quotes Hasan bin Bishar of Damascus, who made mention of the growing influences of the Christians in the Fatimid empire in his poetry that:-

Be Christian (as) today is the time of Christianity.

Believe in nothing, but in the holy trinity.

Yaqub is the father, Aziz is the son.

And for the holy ghost, Fazal is the one.

The people roused to anger against the poet and situation gradually exploded in civil disturbances. When the people clamoured for the punishment of the poet, Imam al-Aziz demonstrated a big heart and told to Yaqub bin Killis and Fazal bin Saleh to expel the poet from the city as soon as possible.

Towards the end of Imam al-Aziz's reign, the antagonism had reached its climax. The Fatimids basically in the line with the religious toleration adopted the policy of assigning high administrative offices to Christians and Jews. It however appears that Imam al-Aziz went further than his predecessors, and the non-Muslims exceeded to take its unnecessary advantage. In a letter purported to have been delivered to Imam al-Aziz, the writer accused him as saying, "By the Lord who honoured the Christians through Isa bin Nestorius, and the Jews through Menasse bin Ibrahim al-Kazzaz and humiliated the Muslims through you." (vide al-Khitat, 2: 195). On that juncture, the Fatimid Imam kept patience and did not take any action against the non-Muslims.

The fast growth of the influences of the Christianity and Judaism began to menace the Islamic interest in the Fatimid state. Even the continued hatred and rivalry between Muslims and non-Muslims in the Fatimid dominion also necessitated that the Imam should find a solution, and thus Imam al-Hakim was destined to come into the actions.

According to al-Musabbihi (cf. al-Khitat, 2:195), about five naval ships together with their equipment were burnt in 386/995. The Christians, who lived near the port, were accused of purposely causing the fire. Thus, the Muslims sailors attacked them and killed 107 persons and threw their dead bodies into the streets, and pillaged their houses. The vizir Isa bin Nestorius, representing Imam al-Aziz in his absence, brought a police force to the area. He investigated the incident and arrested large number of the Muslims. He crucified 20 Muslims and severely punished the other. The death toll of this riot indicates a large number of the people, and the reason however given to this effect was the fire caught accidentally in the ships. But, the manner in which the Muslims behaved, according to the description of al-Musabbihi, confirms that the hatred and animosity was at the very root of the riot.

Like the Christians, the Jews had also wielded their influence in Egypt with the help of Menassee bin Ibrahim. Jacob Mann writes in The Jews in Egypt and in Palestine under the Fatimid Caliphs (London, 1919, 1:20-21) that, "Menasse was a general like Joab bin Seruyah and his banner shone with royal splendour. His name was

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Real Estate Investing

Hard Money Lending is Improving Your Community

Recent troubles in the real estate market have left many homes vacant and often unattended. These vacant or blighted properties cause many problems for local communities. As the level of decay increases the houses become safety and fire hazards, attract criminal activity and vandalism, and lower the property values in the neighborhood. These blighted properties thereby increase the demands for local government services, such as police and fire, as well as code enforcement. Local officials spend a lot of time trying to track down the owners of these properties to enforce building codes, but often to no avail.

Local communities would greatly benefit from a renewed interest in these vacant properties. But with banks cracking down on their lending policies, many real estate investors have become unable to obtain traditional loans through banks, and other financial institutions to purchase and rehab these properties. Many savvy real estate investors however are now turning to hard money lenders to finance their purchase and rehab of these vacant properties.

Hard money lenders assess the value of the property and make a lending decision based on the property's equity. An individual's credit score is much less of a factor in these lending decisions; so many more real estate investors are able to obtain these loans. As more of these properties are purchased and improved, the property value of the entire neighborhood increases.

These hard money loans are short term loans, often with higher interest rates. But for the purpose of purchasing a vacant property, improving the property, then reselling, this type of loan is a perfect fit. The loan can be obtained quickly (much more so than a conventional bank loan), and used to purchase and improve the property, then a quick resale recovers the investment and returns a profit.

With more real estate investors turning to hard money loans, more vacant properties are getting a new life. These properties are being refurbished and sold, bringing new families to these previously blighted areas. With the removal of these "eye sores" in the neighborhood, property values increase, and the drain on local government services are relieved. Overall community vitality is greatly improved by the removal of these blighted properties, and hard money lenders are facilitating this community renewal.
Hard Money Bankers, LLC

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Used Bike Finance

Now that you have made up mind to buy a used bike, your foremost concern is to take a loan in such a way that you feel no burden in repaying it. Taking this concern into account, there are many lenders in the marketplace who are providing used bike finance to every type of borrowers including bad credit ones.

You have secured or unsecured options in availing used bike finance. Under secured option you are required to place some valuable asset or the used bike you intend to buy as security with the lender. You should opt for secured used bike finance only when you require greater loan so that you avail the loan at lower interest rate for its easy repaying. Unsecured motor bike finance is a risk free borrowing as it is approved without any security. The lenders however will charge higher interest rate on unsecured used bike finance for covering risks. A comparatively lower rate is possible for good credit borrowers. You would be approved smaller amount as unsecured used motor bike finance. Repayment duration for secured or unsecured used motor bike finance is kept shorter ranging 2 to 5 years.

And do not worry about your past mistakes or late payments, payments defaults, arrears or as a results county court judgments against you, as such borrowers can always find lenders offering used bike finance to them. All you are required to do is show a convincing repayment plan to the lender mentioning your income and employment status. These days, lenders are more interested in repaying capability rather than bad credit of the borrower. You should however be paying high rate of interest.

Banks, financial companies and online lenders are main source of used bike finance. Make sure to compare their interest rate. Chances are that online lenders will provide you a low rate loan and that too in less time without charging anything on processing loan application.

Understanding People Better Through "body Language"

Watching people's action can bring you a lot closer to the truth than merely listening to what they say (which might be a cover-up). This is the "science" of kinesics, or "body language".

Reading body language is very exciting indeed! If you know how to read and interpret body language, you can predict other people's mood and thinking process.

Some of us can read it naturally and some of us are notoriously oblivious. Fortunately, with a little extra attentiveness, you can learn to read body language, and with enough practice it'll become second nature. It can be very revealing....

Some outward expressions of inner feelings:

Openness: Open hands, unbuttoned coat.

Defensiveness: Arms crossed, sideways glance, touching-rubbing nose, rubbing eyes. Buttoned coat, drawing away.

Insecurity: Pinching flesh, chewing pen, thumb over thumb, biting fingernails.

Cooperation: Upper body in sprinters position. Open hands, sitting on edge of chair, hand to face gestures, unbuttoning coat.

Confidence: Steepled hands, hands behind back, back stiffened, hand in coat pockets with thumbs out. Hands on lapels of coat.

Nervousness: Clearing throat, "whew" sound, whistling, smoking, pinching flesh, fidgeting, covering mouth, jiggling money or keys, tugging ears, wringing hands.

Frustration: Short breaths, "tsk" sound, tightly clenched hands, wringing hands, fist-like gestures, pointing index finger, rubbing hand through hair rubbing back of neck.

Noticing the signals that people send out with their body language is a very useful social skill...Don't isolate yourself by constantly examining body language when interacting with people. Otherwise, there is no reason to gain a social upper hand anyway. This is paralysis by analysis.

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Yamaha R15 The Real Sports Bike

Yamaha is one of the biggest names in the two-wheeler automotive sector which has got its unique tradition of high-class bikes. It's every piece is the complete package of resourceful and influential features and strong support of cutting edge technology and stunning looks. In this renowned chain, Yamaha R15 is the bold and spanking new family name which has got up-gradation of efficient and powerful attributes with aggressive and spectacular sporty body. This sports bike comes out with implausible appealing dimension of 1995x670x1070mm and masculine weight of 131kgs that makes it factual destination for all passionate youngsters. It's rolled out in two royal colors Yamaha Blue and Graphite.

It has dominant installation Liquid-cooled, 4-strock, single cylinder engine which is enough capable to deliver a peak power 17bhp @8500rpm and the maximum torque of 15Nm @ 7500rpm. This disciplined bike offers you top speed of 135kph and fuel consumption of 32/ltr in city and 43.00/ltr on highway. Yamaha R15 has fine ground clearance of 160 which is enough capable to protect your bike from redundant scratching and provide muscular stability. This rough and tough bike has got the meaningful support of six manual gears, displacement of 149.8cc, wet plate clutch, 58.7 strokes, 57 bore and 4 valves per cylinder which collectively contribute in enhancing the efficiency and power of the bike. Along with this, Yamaha R15 has got the light-weight Deltabox frame which provides accurate balance of potency and rigidity that ultimately results in better handling and performance of bike.

Yamaha R15 has significant and courageous outfitting of alloy wheels which give far-fetched stability and practical ride even on pitted roads. For safety Yamaha R15 has installation of Telescopic front suspension, Linked type rear suspension, 240mm front disc brakes and commanding Hydraulic single rear disc brakes. These effective and impulsive safety features not only provide you secured and stress free drive but also make it exceptional and leading piece in the market. It has brilliant and bright headlight and refined wheelbase of 1290 which adds extra glamour in the overall profile of the bike. With Yamaha R15 you will find digital fuel gauge, analogue tachometer, digital-2 trip-meter, digital speedometer and great list of number of useful features. In conclusion, Yamaha R15 offers you unbelievable and unmatched experience of swift and fabulous adventure of ride.

The Main Components of Law Firms

Law firms are considered business entities where a lawyer or lawyers can practice the law. Generally this is the place where individuals or corporations go for legal counsel, particularly regarding their rights and responsibilities. This is also where clients go to be represented, whether it be for a business transaction, criminal or civil court case, or other legal matters.

These law businesses are set up in different ways. Usually this depends upon the jurisdiction that they are located within. Sole proprietorship, professional association, limited liability partnership, professional corporation, limited liability company, and general partnership are examples of these arrangements. When an attorney works alone, they are responsible for all profits, liabilities and losses associated with the firm. This is called sole proprietorship. In a general partnership, there are several attorneys equally sharing ownership and liability.

In countries such as the United Kingdom and United States, laws have been enacted that state that attorneys are the only individuals permitted to manage these entities or have ownership interest. These laws were put in place to remove any possibility of conflicts of interest. But because of the regulations, law firms are not allowed to raise capital through public offerings in the stock market, even though this is what many big corporations are known to do.

There are a variety of staff members that work at these business, including partners and associates. While most staff handle clerical, paralegal and other assistance duties, partners and associates are concerned with other matters. Partners are the joint owners and business directors. They are in charge of the entire legal operation. Associates are essentially partners in training. They works with the goal of becoming a partner, even though it may take up to nine years before they are given the title. In Japan, Canada and the United States, there are employees called counsel or special counsel. These individuals have similar duties as associates, but are able to manage their own cases, have their own clientele, and supervise associates.

Firms come in different sizes. Larger ones are likely to have separate departments for handling transactions and litigations. Smaller ones, which make up most of the practices around the world, usually have a focus. For example: labor law, criminal defense, personal injury, patent law, and tax law.

Salaries for lawyers that work within these entities will depend on many factors, specifically the location and size of a firm. Most of these businesses are located within office buildings. These may be small or large. Sole practitioners may opt to work from home. In this case they generally work at a home office.

There were many layoffs during the Unite States recession, even at law firms. Many of these businesses shut down or considerably cut down the size of their staff. The law industry can be an adversarial environment and so a businesses ranking is important to their success. Prospective associates, hires and clients all analyze the ranking of a firm. Profits per partner, billable hours, revenue per lawyer, and pro bono participation are just some of the factors considered in the ranking process.

Law firms are businesses where attorneys practice law. These facilities can host one or many lawyers and may be small or large. Typically these businesses are the go-to place for individuals seeking legal advice or services.

Looking for Ottawa law firms ? Ottawa personal injury lawyer is one of the law firms providing legal representation to those who claim to have been injured, physically or psychologically, as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, company, government agency, or other entity.

Looking for Ottawa law firms ? Ottawa personal injury lawyer is one of the law firms providing legal representation to those who claim to have been injured, physically or psychologically, as a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another person, company, government agency, or other entity.

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Payday installment loans-Cope up with your uncertain financial emergency

To grab the pertinent financial solution to meet your financial needs, here are payday installment loans for you. This is one of the feasible monetary aid that solve your mid month cash problems in the least possible time. Thus, whenever you face some financial hassle due to your insufficient monthly income, this is the easy and worthwhile financial aid for you to solve the unwanted and sudden financial instability with ease and convenience.

Payday installment loans are one of the comfortable sources of financial deal for the applicants who often face troubles in the repayment. These loans come with flexible repayment terms in which you can pay back the loan money in installments. Thus, enjoy the aid of this financial deal for the better support. Moreover, this is a small and temporary financial aid that is short term in nature. Therefore, you need not have to bother at all to pledge any valuable asset to pledge as collateral. Enjoy this loan aid without undergoing any collateral assessment and paper work hassle.

Plus, the good thing of installment loans is that you need not have to under go any credit checking process. Thus, do not get embarrassed to disclose your credit scores in front of anyone. It does not matter what type of credit scores you are holding whether good or bad, you can enjoy this loan aid. Arrears, defaults, skipped payments, late payments, foreclosures etc. are also acceptable by the lender with no issues at all.

Here is a simple criterion that needs to be followed to get approved with payday installment loans. To get applied, the applicant should hold a valid and active checking account and should be in regular employment. Plus, he should be a regular employment earning at least 00 per month. You need to be a permanent citizen of US and should be an adult with eighteen years or more. Once you meet these terms, you will get the assistance of this loan aid with no snub at all.

Search he affordable deal of payday installment loans at World Wide Web with the careful research. After that application just require filling a single application form available on lender's site. Once you are approved, the loan money will directly transfer in your account to use. There will be no delays and no cumbersome loan procedure to be faced at all. Moreover, you can access the loan money in clicks of mouse right with the ease of your doorway.

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Cold Fusion Reactor States Doubted By Skeptics

Cold fusion, thus far an elusive achievement, would solve the world's power problems. Mainstream physicists do not believe a nuclear reaction via cold fusion is possible. That fact hasn't stopped some Italian scientists from saying cold fusion is a reality that is set for commercial applications. No doubt they took out significant personal loans to make this occur.
Cold fusion contradicts recognized laws of physics
Cold fusion was dismissed as junk after a pair of physicists declared in 1989 but nobody else could replicate the results. Cold fusion is still considered theoretically extremely hard, however Italian scientists Andrea Rossi and Sergio Focardi demonstrated a cold fusion reactor at the University of Bologna the Friday that past. They can't explain why it works, but they say the system makes power because of cold fusion. Since there was not enough of a theory confirming this with the laws of physics that are accepted, their application for patent was rejected. They say it will take as little as three months in order to make a commercial cold fusion reactor.
What cold fusion and nuclear fission have in common
There's a lot of energy that the sun creates. This is with the nuclear fusion though. Rossi and Focardi claim to have successfully achieved cold fusion -- a process happening at room temperature -- by fusing the atomic nuclei of nickel and hydrogen. A lot of heat energy and copper could be produced. Atomic reactors and nuclear weapons generate power via nuclear fission -- which splits atoms to release energy along with an excellent deal of radiation and toxic waste. Only 400 watts of power is needed to make 12,400 watts according to the Italians that believe in cold fusion. There could be eight times the power created than it takes to operate with the commercial version of the cold fusion reactor. The cost of the cold fusion power would be relatively cheap. In fact, about 1 cent per kilowatt-hour would be charged. The United States had mostly coal generated power in the United States in 2004. This meant about 7.62 cents per kilotwatt-hour was the average.
Many power plants changing
Rossi and Focardi wrote a paper on cold fusion that was rejected by peer-reviewed journals. They published it themselves in an online journal "The Journal of Nuclear Physics" that they created. They say operating their cold fusion reactor is as simple as flicking a switch and following the instructions. An authorized dealer would have to refuel the reactor every six months. There is interest that a Greek utility company has shown.
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