Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Importance Of Retail Epos In Combating Fraud

Financial fraud is a major problem in the West as credit cards, ATM machines and sophisticated websites can all be hacked so that out financial details are stolen. The rise of the chip and pin machine was an attempt by the government and the banking sector to reduce the ease at which fraudsters could copy their victim's information at the retail EPoS station, however, there is still massive levels of economic fraud in the UK.

Retailers have a responsibility to give their customers as much protection against the theft of their details, and the best way they can do this is through using digital retail EPoS machines and setting out their payment area to minimise the possibility for details to be copied.

Retail EPoS
Cash register tills are becoming more sophisticated as technology means that we can pay for almost anything with a debit or credit card. Even popping out to the local shop for a pint of milk no longer requires cash. In some ways, the decrease in the amount of cash that most people carry is a good thing. Cash is much easier to steal and use without detection than a credit card, and most cards are covered with insurance and protection so that they can be stopped quickly and the money repaid to you. However, if you have your card detail stolen, it can take a long time to realise, especially if you do not regularly check your bank account.

This means that fraudsters could empty your bank account of all of its funds without you knowing and it is a hassle having to close your accounts and set up new ones because a thief has your details. Where you might have had a wallet full of cash stolen before, know you can have your entire bank account emptied by one criminal. Retail EPoS machines are now able to detect when a card is being used in a fraudulent manner. The pin number can only be entered incorrectly twice or three times on most card readers before the consumer is no longer allowed to use the card. Unless the card reader is broken you are not permitted to pay by signing a receipt. This cuts down the possibility for someone to use your card without all of the details.

Shop Design
The layout of your pay station can also help to minimise fraud. Your retail EPoS system should be placed in a position that only the customer who is paying for an item can see the till and especially the card reader. Even having a physical line at a point behind the till will deter people from standing too close to the customer who is paying. The staff at the till should be aware of who they are serving and the card being used. Is it in a man's name when the customer is a woman? Have they go the pin number wrong? Have they asked if they can sign because they have forgotten their pin number? These are all signs to look out for and staff should be trained on how to spot fraud.

Fraud is a major problem for consumers, banks and retailers alike. By implementing a high-tech retail EPoS system in your shop, you can minimise the risk of fraud to your customers, and a little clever shop design never hurt either.

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